Tips for milkshakes

The milkshake is “the” drink of the summer. Learn how to prepare it and revel in its taste, sometimes unusual but always delicious.

What recipe?

Apple, raspberry, mango, kiwi, banana … Enhance your favorite fruit by making a delicious milkshake. For this, either you mix the fruit, ice and milk. Either replace the ice with sorbet. And for flavors such as vanilla, a simple ice cream with milk is enough. As with any recipe, if your products are bland, the result may be similar. You may wish to tweak your milkshake by adding sugar or syrup, spices or even herbs, bringing flavor.

Vary the pleasures

Revisit the milkshake and replace cow’s milk with coconut milk, goat milk, soy, almond, rice. As with white sugar … swap against honey, agave syrup or caramel. You are running out of raspberry sorbet? Replace it with frozen fruit. So, prepare a tasty milkshake with raspberries, honey, and coconut milk. Unless you prefer the flavor of banana-cream or cheese-agave syrup?

Mix flavors

Banana-chocolate, apple-pear, peach-raspberry … If some alliances are safe bets, they are sometimes seen and reviewed. Let yourself be tempted by the most unusual combinations. And make a milkshake of strawberry-basil, lemon-thyme or chocolate-ginger combinations. And to render your creations perfect, be sure to top it with fresh strawberries, a sprig of thyme, or pieces of candied ginger for decoration.

Bet on sure values

It is well known, nothing beats chocolate! In a shaker, mix milk, ice cubes and your favorite chocolate. Add whipped cream, it’s ready! Otherwise prepare a milkshake with vanilla. And before serving, sprinkle your drink with a chocolate sauce. You prefer speculos? Mix speculos paste to your device based on vanilla ice cream and milk.

No fruit or sorbet?

It’s panic! Your children have finished the last scoop of sorbet, and you do not have any fruit to make a milkshake with strawberries. However, your guests insist on having it! In this case, use jam. Mix with fresh milk. Make sure to use pretty glasses, depositing a straw and voila. Phew!

With chocolate bars

The chocolate bars are the height of indulgence. Good thing: with each one can make delicious milkshakes. Mix milk and vanilla ice cream or coconut, used as the treat. Add the chocolate bar of your choice, blend again. And dine. At your blenders!